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Fall 2017 


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Principal Investigator

Brandon DeKosky, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Kansas Vaccine Institute

dekosky [at] ku [dot] edu

Postdoctoral Fellows

Thuy-Duong (Tiffany) Nguyen, Ph.D.

nguyen [at] ku [dot] edu


Andrew Chung, Ph.D.



Bharat Madan, Ph.D.



Wei Jin, Ph.D.



Graduate Researchers

Bailey Banach, B.S.

Bioengineering Graduate Program

bailey-banach [at] ku [dot] edu

Ahmed Fahad, Pharm.D., M.Pharm.

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

ahmed.fahad [at] ku [dot] edu

Rukmini Ladi, B.Pharm., M.S.

Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

rladi [at] ku [dot] edu

Undergraduate Researchers

Natalie Bui

Chemistry (Creighton U.)




Colton Lagerman

Chemical Engineering