August 2017

Dr. DeKosky gave an invited talk at the 7th International School on Production of Biologicals in Rio de Janeiro.  There was an opportunity to tour the newest animal cell culture biomanufacturing facility at Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz, the biotherapeutics and vaccine production wing of Brazil's national institutes of health, and is one of the largest vaccine producers in the world!

From left: Rodrigo Ventura, Plant Director at Bio-Manguinhos, Leda Castilho, Professor at UFRJ, and Dr. DeKosky

July 2017

Natalie and Colton presented summer results at the KU Undergraduate Research fair.  Well done on a fantastic summer!


Construction frenzy for the new lab


June 2017

Construction has started on the building expansion to Simons where our new lab will be located.  Excited to move into our new home - check back for more pics and updates.


Dr. DeKosky presented on antiviral antibody discovery at the American Society for Virology in Madison, WI.




May 2017

Welcome to Natalie Bui and Colton Lagerman, two new undergraduate researchers.


Congratulations to Bailey for passing her qualifying exams!


Dr. DeKosky gave an invited talk at the World Antibody Congress in San Diego, CA.


Our lab's research was featured on KU News homepage!  You can read the article here.